Video : How to untangle jewelry chains

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Will a jeweler untangle necklaces?

Will a jeweler untangle necklaces?

With tweezers and set-up tools that are fine enough to hold tweezers and necklaces, the jeweler can patiently and skillfully clear up the mess. Read also : How to sell your jewelry.

How much does it cost to have a loose necklace? You may want to call a professional for a local jewelry repair shop. Fees will vary, from $ 15 to more, so call the store in advance to get a quote.

Are there any tricks to loosen necklaces? Using dish soap or an odorless shampoo, soak the necklace in warm water to release the string. To get a particularly tight knot, you can gently rub the knotted area between your fingertips to help loosen the knot.

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