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Unique Baby Names

Your babys' name can be as unique as the characteristics and personality traits which make him what he is - unique. Many people want to recognise that uniqueness through the name they give their baby. There are so many names to choose from but if you want a truely unique baby name, consider the following suggestions and create the perfect and unique name for your baby.

Combine Names

Invent new unique names by taking the hybrid approach. Take two existing names and conbine the two in an unusual fashion. Use of family Surnames would be a good starting point, not forgetting Maiden and Middle names.

Fathers Name

Use the father's name to create a new name. Donald can become Doni or for a girl, Donie. John can become Jonette, Jonille, Jonalee

Characteristic/Inspirational names

Examples of these unique names include Patience, Hope or Glory.


Girls can often be called after flowers (Daisy, Rose), Places (Carolina) or Months (May, April).

Don't go overboard

Complicated names that are impossible to pronounce will only bring grief from teachers and teasing from classmates. Names that are difficult to spell will be misspelled throughout the child's entire life and while it makes them unique, the aggravation can be a nightmare.

A word of warning on giving a boy a girl's name and vice versa - It's a setup for disaster in the school yard. Howard O'Brien is now Anne Rice, author of the famous vampire books. She was given a boy's name because her folks wanted a boy!

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