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Irish baby names origins

Irish baby names origins

They come from a variety of sources, some Irish baby names come from mythical Irish figures e.g. Fionn, Diarmuid. Many names have an English version e.g. Sean is Irish for John/Jack, Diarmuid is Irish for Dermott, Padraig is Irish for Patrick.

Name spelling

Irish names can have multiple spellings. Eventhough Ireland is a small country, the regional nature of the country meant that depending on the region, the spelling may be different. Sadbh (Pronounced Seive) can be spelt Sadhbh, Saidbh, Saidhbh, Saidhbhe and there are more alternatives. Strict spelling was not a feature of Irish names in the past and that tradition has continued.

Popular names

There are a few names which are consistently on the top of the polls. These include Sean, Conor, Cormac for boys and Aoife, Ciara, Niamh for girls. Just in case you are interested, we have the top 100 baby names in Ireland for 2004. That should give you some ideas.

Stats for 2004

Sean and Emma were themost popular babies name registered in 2004, the second year in a row that they have been top. There were 928 boys named Sean in 2004, 93 more than the second most popular name, Jack. There were 787 girls named Emma, 213 more than the second most popular name, Katie.

Top baby names in Ireland for 2004

Boys Girls
Name Number Name Number
Sean 928 Emma 787
Jack 835 Katie 574
Conor 736 Sarah 561
Adam 688 Amy 546
James 688 Aoife 534

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