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German Boy Names

We have compiled a list of baby German baby Boy names. We have included the origin and meaning for each name, please use the suggestion form on our baby names search page to suggest a name for inclusion here.

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Adolpho Alastan Alger Aloysius Alphone Alphonsus Angelo Anselm Archibald Aristotle Arnold Arvin Aubrey Baldwin Barney Barrett Berg Bernard Bernie Bing Burg Chas Chip Christoph Chuck Claus Clovis Curt Damon Derek Dietrich Einar Emery Everet Frederic Fremont Gerard Gerartt Gerhart Gifford Hardy Hellers Hoyt Hubert Jerald Jerhart Jurgen Lamar Lance Leopold Lewis Ludwig Maynard Norbert Obert Otto Ramon Rudolph Rudolph Selig Sigmund Stein Tabber Theodoric Valdemar Volker Waldemar Waldo Ware Warner Warren Wendell Willard Wolfgang Zelig


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