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Hilarious Baby Names

These are some of the funniest names I have heard of and they are all true. Some are funny due to the position of the person today and some are simply hilarious. You wonder did the parents consider the consequences of their choices. Well poor baby Sin, his parents never knew he would grow up to be a Cardinal - Cardinal Sin. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge decided to call their baby Brooklyn!

Mr. and Mrs. Womble must have been up all night thinking of a name for their new baby and the best they could come up with was Bunyon Snipes Womble.

Doctors names are also a source of amusement. Again we can't blame the parents too much. Would you like to see any of these medical professionals

Dr. Bonebreak - there are many in the US
Dr. Bonecutter - Inspires confidence straight away
Dr. Bonesetter - A bit better
Dr. Butcher - I hope its not literal
Dr. Doctor - I can hear the jokes now
Dr. McNutt - Might be OK if he wasn't head of a mental hospital
Dr. Ovary - Guess what he was ... a Gynecologist
Dr. Screech - Dentist
Another good occupational name is Groaner Digger who is an undertaker from Texas.

This girls parents were definitely taking the p... when they named her "Katz Meow" She is from Washington. There's also "Major Minor" and guess what he does, yes, he's in the U.S. Army.
Then there are families with themes running through their names like Mr. & Mrs. Wood who named their children Forest, Ivy, Fern, Rose, Vine.
One of my personal favourites is Warren Peace from Massachusetts


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