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French Girl Names

We have compiled a list of baby French baby Girl names. We have included the origin and meaning for each name, please use the suggestion form on our baby names search page to suggest a name for inclusion here.

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Aceline Amber Amy Ann Armanda Aveline Azura Azurite Babette Bathilde Bernadette Brie Caroline Chanel Chantilly Cherry Christa Christen Clementine Courtney Dana Darcy Dixie Dubuque Elaine Eleanora Fawn Fleurette Frances Franciose Gabriela Gay Ivette Jacqueline Jeanette Jeanne Jewel Jolene Joliet Josephine Joyce Julia Khristina Lacey Laciann Leanna Liana Lorraine Maine Marian Marjory Marjory Marvel Marvel Maryland Mavis Mignon Nananne Nancy Nanette Noel Noleen Odelia Pansy Patience Prunella Renee Rochelle Saline Sheryl Sidony Stephanie Sydney Tempest Tina Turquoise Unique Villette Yvette Yvonne


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