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French Boy Names

Boys names of French origin

We have compiled a list of baby French baby Boy names. We have included the origin and meaning for each name, please use the suggestion form on our baby names search page to suggest a name for inclusion here. Search for baby names from other ethnic or geographical groupings or use our search page in the link above for a more selective search.

For more information check out our French baby names page.

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Algernon Auben Bayard Beal Beau Bellamy Bix Bonar Boone Burke Byron Cable Chevy Chretien Clair Clark Corbin Crispin Crispinain Curtis Dagsboro Delaware Detriot Dory Eligius Elroy Etiene Eustace Fabron Forrest Fraser Gabel Gaston Gernon Helmut Howard Huron Jarvis Jay Jayson Justis Leroy Lionel Macy Marcel Marquis Mason Merrill Montgomery Moore Mortimer Neville Oliver Orville Percival Pierre Porter Porter Quennel Quincey Remy Russell Russell Seymour Sinclair Troy Vallis Wyatt


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