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Baby name meanings can be different depending where you live or what language you use. For example, a name in the UK may be a rude word in the US, this is an extreme example but it does happen. We don't believe that you have to scrutinize every name you come up with and extensively investigate it's meaning, but you should consider the meaning of the name and how it will affect your baby when they are no longer a baby.

Your baby will have their name and it's meaning for their entire lifetime, so you owe it to them to put some effort into choosing it. Our search tool may help, we have baby name meanings included in the results, so enter the name you wish to check and see what the meaning is. Find out how to choose the best baby name for your baby.

One idea is to pick a name that was used by many cultures in our period, and postpone choosing the particular culture. Such Christian names as John, Peter, Mary, and Elizabeth, and names of Frankish origin such as Richard, Henry, and William were adopted into many European languages by about the 14th century. If you pick such a name, you can fit it into a variety of cultures with minor changes and few problems. For example, William can be changed to the Italian Guillermo or the German Wilhelm.

Not all sources are reliable. If you are interested in a particular culture, there are usually standard references available towards which we can point you. Even history books may be dangerous, because they are not interested in preserving medieval spellings. Historians rarely give names in their original forms, preferring instead to use conventional modern spellings so that readers will be able to identify the name. But many do include accurate baby name meanings.


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